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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is disruptive set of technologies which are bringing fundamental change in how manufacturing is carried out in many sectors due to its ability for mass customization.

AM is enabler for digital manufacturing which has capability in producing products directly from design data by adding layers of material to obtain the final shape with minimal waste, supporting Industry 4.0. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has initiated a Centre of Excellence on Additive Manufacturing at Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh which will support Medical Device Sector. The vision of the centre is to make COE at AMTZ a hub (common facility for local AM industry which will offset disabilities for competing with global peers) for medical device innovation in India by nurturing various medical device start-ups through Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. Through this centre sustainable long-term ecosystem will be provided to start-ups and industries which will enable medical device innovation in India; build skill-sets in the AM industry, in particular AM in the medical industry to achieve competitive advantages in the global market; promote creation of Indian IPR & facilitate IPR filing activity and offer industry, academia, global linkages to provide market access to the incubated products.

The CoE has achieved several milestones within one year of its establishment: both in skill development and technology development. Over 400 manpower were trained in 3D printing, Medical Device Design, Prototyping and Testing in CoE AM – MDS. CoE is successful in establishing production of materials and products which earlier were under import dependency. One of the key product is UHMWPE, a novel orthoplastic engineered for its weight-bearing properties. This has been the major liner component for orthopaedic implants in hip and knee arthroplasty. The CoE also created capacities to deliver the highest quality small metal components with outstanding levels of chemistry control, strength, and density across a wide range of alloys.

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The Centre of Excellence on Additive manufacturing in Medical Device Sector (CoE AM : MDS) has received tremendous support from MeitY with the vision to establish itself as a pivotal hub for medical device innovation in India, particularly through the utilization of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. The primary goal is to create a common facility that addresses challenges faced by the local AM industry, enabling it to compete effectively on a global scale. The mission of the center focuses on fostering a sustainable ecosystem for long- term medical device innovation in India, emphasizing skill development in AM technology within the medical industry to gain a competitive edge globally. Additionally, the center aims to promote the creation of Indian intellectual property rights (IPR) and facilitate IPR filing activities while establishing strong linkages between industry, academia, and the global market. The regulatory team of the ecosystem is equipped with all the skillset required for smooth regulatory approvals. The outlined objectives include developing infrastructure for manpower training, implementing training programs for the domestic AM industry, organizing Grand Challenges, establishing an IPR filing facility, conducting promotional events for the medical device AM ecosystem, and undertaking techno-commercial roadmapping for the sector. Through these initiatives, the COE at AMTZ aspires to play a transformative role in advancing medical device innovation in India.

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