Centre for Promotion of Additive Manufacturing - Agri & Food Processing (CPAM – A & FP)


The CPAM has been established at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Kolkata, under the ‘Additive Manufacturing (AM)’ initiative of MeitY. A new concept of Agri-factory is being introduced through this unique R&D program where Agri-produce lines will be developed as back integration to the value-added Agri-product lines. These Agri-product lines will provide quality, quantity, and cost control, the output of which will feed the value-added Agri-product lines. As a final step in the product line fortified food will be printed through indigenously developed 3D food printer.

To improve time to market, market resilience, and product-independent manufacturing lines for value-added Agri-products, AM will be introduced in this sector by implementing this national initiative. Additionally, AM will be used to produce some of the supply chain components (Agri-product line modules and Agri-photonics components) to reduce the production cost. The centre will indigenously develop the Agri-Factory concept and AM machines and materials to take the global lead in the Agriculture and Food Processing sector.

The program is implemented by the C-DAC, Kolkata, along with CSIR - Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysuru, Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, Bengaluru, and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, Kolkata. 

Purpose of centre including market or sector the centre is addressing​

Value added products of agricultural produce are traditionally dependant on quality and quantity of the produce available in open market. Value added agri product factories are thus dependent on their ability to procure from open market or at best through contract farming. A new concept of Agri-factory is being introduced under this proposal where agri-produce lines will be developed as back integration to the value added agriproduct lines. These agri-produce lines will provide quality, quantity and cost control; output of which will feed the value added agri-product lines. This will remove depedance on open agri-produce market. To improve time to market, market resilience and product independent manufacturing lines for value added agri-products Additive Manufacturing (AM) will be introduced for the first time in this sector, globally. Additionally, Additive Manufacturing will be used for production of some of the supply chain components (agri-produce line modules and agri-photonics componenets) as well to reduce cost of production. The centre will not only indigenously develop the Agri Factory concept but also indigenously develop Additive Manufacturing (AM) machines and materials to take global lead in the sector of Agriculture and Food Processing.

Indian brands of food products in the international markets with an outlay of Rs. 10,900 crores based on Annual report 2022 - 23 of The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India. Also it has been stated that presently nationwide 41 Mega Food Park Projects (as on 31.12.2022) is implemented by Government of India. The outcome of the project may have an impact on the mentioned market.

To act as a catalyst in product oriented sensory mechanized research and development inspired by ecosystem for Indian agri and environment sector.

To boost the crop economy and people’s health, by catalyzing innovation, building capacity and enhancing productivity through ICT and electronics driven solutions across the agriculture, environment and food value chain, ensuring food safety, security and inclusive growth.

Quality and volume of agricultural line will be in control of food processing section. 3D printing is expected to reduce infrastructure cost, precision electronics cost and
foodprocessing cost. Modularity of infrastructure will ensure start small and grow to large industry.
Industry driven economics for SME / MSME / Large factory. Indigenous machinery and supply chain will give industry leverage to tweak technology as per their requirements by the test bed repeatedly.


  • Design, development and establishment of Agri-Factory Test Bed at C-DAC Kolkata comprising of Agri-photonics precision vertical farming agricultural lines (using hydroponics) and value added production lines (Frozen Food
    line Medical Nutrition line).
  • Design and Development of Agri-Factory technology (GEN1.0, GEN2.0) with minimum viable system with business case for GEN 1.0, decreasing production cost and increasing profitability for GEN 2.0.
  • Establishment of Business Office for self-sustance of the AM centre.
  • Prepartion of techno-commercial roadmap for Agri-Factory development including cost reduction plan over generations of technologies. The roadmap to be updated annually.

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